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I read in the paper recently where a 15 passenger van rolled on I-80 near Rawlins, Wyoming. In the accident, one 13 year old boy was partially ejected and the van landed on top of him, killing him instantly. The driver of the van was the only one of 11 people wearing a seat belt, and was cited for failure to have the children in the van belted. A tragic story, to say the least.

Now believe me, I have heard every possible excuse for not wearing a seat belt, and I understand that there are many accidents in which a person is killed with their seat belt on. But in a rollover situation especially, there is a far greater chance of survival if you are wearing your seat belt. And, one of the main reasons for death in a rollover is being ejected from the vehicle. It is impossible for the vehicle to land on you when you are still in it. Had this boy not been ejected, he would almost certainly still be alive. If only he would have had his seat belt on. He was the only one who was partially ejected, even though the only person who was belted was the driver. The rest of the passengers could have lost their lives too, but they did stay in the vehicle, while he didn’t. There are also countless other stories of survival in a car accident due to the seat belt habit, but we continue to fight against it, and refuse to obey the laws requiring it.

This driver was cited for not having the children seat belted, but that really is low on the list of things that will follow her for the rest of her life whenever she thinks about this accident. How do you get over killing someone because you didn’t take control of and responsibility for the people in your charge when you are the driver of a vehicle? Well…you just don’t. That person’s face will forever be in your memory, and if you saw their body after the accident, the nightmares will be with you for a long time if not the rest of your life. It is such a small thing to put on your seat belt and require the people with you to do so too. Please, if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for those who love you and for those in your charge. Wear your seat belt and don’t move the vehicle until everyone in your car has theirs on too.